12 Point Gas Cap


Introducing Curlys inc’s all new 12 point gas caps for center fill touring models. Curlys inc’s new gas cap is the ONLY 12 point cap to actually look like a real 12 point bolt. Unlike some others out there that are very low profile and just don’t give you the appearance of a actual 12 point bolt.

Year : 99-Current

Material : Aluminum 6061

LARGE – Diameter of Base : 2″ 3/4

  • Large replaces RWD 2-piece style cap, which is compatible with Dirty Bird Concepts & Speed by Design Dashes & Road Kings.

SMALL – Diameter of Base : 2″ 5/16

  • Compatible with the following dashes : Paul Yaffe, Top Shop, Insane Asylum and Nasi.

Special Note : If you are unsure of which size will fit your dash, measure the outside of the base of the cap you currently have.

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